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Below an excerpt from our customer list, including a brief description of the main projects. In our project list we list the projects regardless of the customer order.

If you are customer and have questions about your personal access to our server, our support area may help you to find answers to frequently asked questions.


Kverneland Group
The Kverneland Group is one of the leading international companies developing, producing and distributing agricultural machinery.   Logo Kverneland Group
»  Excel Sharp CDL
This software manages the lists of complaints within the department of quality assurance.
»  Excel Sharp PPL
Excel Sharp PPL is a solution for visualizing the status of individual production orders on a production line. The software uses dynamic data sources and column definitions in order to guarantee possible extensions in the future.
»  Excel Sharp PPL France
An special french Version of Excel Sharp PPL with new features was installed at Kverneland Group Les Landes Génusson.
»  Excel Sharp PRL
Excel Sharp PRL - Pricelist System - manages and layouts the pricelists for the Kverneland Group Brands in Germany, France and Italy.