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Excel Sharp

The story of our main product 'Excel Sharp' is concise and brief: In one of our older projects, our client wished a flexible and easy Excel solution for analyzing data from an SAP system. What initially started as a small project became a flexible modular system over the time. More and more modules were implemented; yes the application suite is modular based, not a really new idea, but why reinvent the wheel again?

Excel Sharp applications are now successfully used by various companies in the fields of engineering, agricultural machinery manufacturers or consulting. Excel Sharp uses Microsoft Excel as host application, as you can see in the figure below. Microsoft has of course been legally purchased and installed before our Add-Ins can be used.
A base system implements the core environment and provides functions for database access, intelligent module management or user rights management. Modules are extending the basic system with specific functions, for example for reporting. These modules operate independently, so it's very easy to replace them with updated versions.
Our software uses Microsoft Access databases for storage and configuration. However you don't need to have Access installed on your system and the databases can be located on the local hard disk or on the network. Excel Sharp is designed as a multilanguage software, ressources are stored in XML files. The software installs without any access to system files or the windows registry.